vpn-tincA Bashtard playbook for configuring tinc 3 months
www-staticA Bashtard playbook for generating static websites 3 months
k3s-masterA Bashtard playbook to set up k3s on a single-node 8 weeks
log-jsonA Log implementation with JSON formatted output 8 months
log-coloredA Log implementation with colored output 8 months
urlA Raku library to handle URLs 8 months
camelcasemotionA plugin for vim to make motions stop at camelCase or snake_case boundaries 4 months
log-simpleA simple implementation of the Log library for the Raku programming language 8 months
logAn interface for logging mechanisms in the Raku programming language 8 months
bashtardConfiguration Management System in Bash 7 days
tyilnetConfiguration for machines in my personal network 14 days
io-path-xdgConvenience functions for working with the XDG Base Directory Specification in t...4 months
configExtensible library for reading and writing configuration files in the Raku progr...4 months
string-foldFold strings to a certain length 8 months
irc-grammarGrammar to parse IRC messages 4 months
invidiousHelm chart to deploy Invidious 8 months
nitterHelm chart to deploy Nitter 8 months
dotfilesMy user-level configuration files, use with caution! 13 days
hash-mergeRaku module for deep merging of Hashes 4 weeks
irc-clientSources for the IRC::Client module for the Raku programming language 4 months
config-parser-tomlTOML parser for Config 8 months
blogThe source files to my blog, 6 days
rakudo-starUser-friendly distribution of the Raku programming language 8 months
config-parser-yamlYAML parser for Config 8 months