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Add bpt for file templating
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@@ -65,6 +65,12 @@ and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](https://semver.org/spec/v2.0.0
- The `sync` subcomman will now `stash` any changes before it attempts to
`pull`. Afterwards, `stash pop` will be ran to apply the last `stash`ed
changes again.
+- The `file_template` function has been altered to be able to use various
+ templating engines. Currently it supports `satpl` (which stands for sed-awk
+ template, the "original" templating mechanism used in Bashtard) and `bpt`
+ (which stands for [Bash Pure Templates](https://github.com/husixu1/bpt). The
+ engine used is defined through the file's extension. If no extension is set,
+ it will default to `satpl`.
## [1.0.0] - 2022-05-06