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*bashtard* -h++
*bashtard* add <_playbook_>++
-*bashtard* bootstrap [_repository_]++
*bashtard* del <_playbook_>++
+*bashtard* init [_repository_]++
*bashtard* ssh <_command_>++
*bashtard* sync [_playbook_]++
+*bashtard* var [-p _playbook_] <_key_>++
+*bashtard* var [-s] <_key_> <_value_>++
*bashtard* sysinfo
@@ -20,6 +22,54 @@ bashtard - A Bash-based configuration management utility
abstractions over certain OS-specific tools to allow you to write generic
configuration and maintenance scripts, known as *playbooks*.
+## add
+Adds a playbook to the current host. This will trigger the *playbook_add()*
+function of the *playbook.bash* file in the root of the playbook directory. It
+will also record the playbook name in the host's registry, so it will be taken
+into account during a *sync*.
+## del
+Removes a playbook from the current host. This will trigger the *playbook_del()*
+function of the *playbook.bash* file in the root of the playbook directory. It
+also removes the playbook name from the host's registry, no longer including it
+during a *sync*.
+## init
+Initializes *bashtard*, creating the required directory structure in
+*/etc/bashtard*, or your OS's equivalent directory. You can check the *sysinfo*
+subcommand to determine the *etcdir* if in doubt.
+If a repository URL has been provided, *bashtard* will attempt to use *git
+clone* to create the directory structure, and then add host-specific files to it
+## ssh
+Run a given command over SSH to all configured nodes. Every node needs to have
+*ssh.host* configured for this to work.
+## sync
+Synchronizes the etcdir and all registered playbooks. The etcdir is synchronized
+using *git pull*, after which it will check the host's registry to run the
+*playbook_sync()* function of all playbooks enabled on the machine.
+## var
+Allows debugging of variables used by *bashtard*. When given a key, it will
+return the *key=value* format to give you insight of what a variable will be on
+the current host. It accepts a *-p <playbook>* option, to get the value of a
+given variable when used in a given _playbook_.
+Alternatively, you can also supply a second positional argument, which will
+become the value of the given variable. This will be saved in the host-specific
+configuration file. This variant accepts the *-s* option, to instead save it to
+the *secrets* file, which should only be readable by the user maintaining the
+system through *bashtard*.
- _bashtard(3)_ -- Functions and variables exposed by *bashtard* for use in