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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-21Add chomp utilPatrick Spek
2023-05-15Remove bpt from the codebase againPatrick Spek
2023-03-26Improve my relationship with shellcheckPatrick Spek
2023-03-26Redo dir_hash with new file_hash functionalityPatrick Spek
2023-03-26Add newline after bpt templating functionPatrick Spek
2023-03-26Add bpt for file templatingPatrick Spek
2023-03-10Update new code for shellcheck compliancyPatrick Spek
2023-03-10Add playbook_path()Patrick Spek
2023-03-10Move the file_template function and add a commentPatrick Spek
2023-03-10Update copyright datesPatrick Spek
2023-03-08Rename file_rhash to dir_hashPatrick Spek
2022-12-04Add file_rhash utilityPatrick Spek
2022-05-26Make datetime pass on -u in all casesPatrick Spek
2022-05-11Make shellcheck happyPatrick Spek
2022-04-19Add documentationPatrick Spek
2022-04-17Make shellcheck happyPatrick Spek
2022-04-17Add licensePatrick Spek
2022-04-17Add a Makefile for easy installationPatrick Spek
2022-04-17Add functionality to work with playbooksPatrick Spek
2022-04-16Update config() to also search playbook-specific config filesPatrick Spek
2022-04-16Initial draft for sync subcommandPatrick Spek
2022-04-15Initial commitPatrick Spek