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+title: Raku is moving to
+ email: mailto:~tyil/ is moving to
+description: >
+ After a turbulent time among Freenode's staff, a new IRC network has spawned:
+ Most of the original Freenode staff has moved to it, and the
+ Raku Steering Council feels it is a good move for us to follow.
+Earlier this week, the staff at the Freenode IRC network have resigned en
+masse, and created a new network, Libera. This was sparked by [new ownership of
+Freenode]( Due to concerns with the new ownership, the Raku
+Steering Council has decided to also migrate our IRC channels to Libera.
+This requires us to take a couple steps. First and foremost, we need to
+register the Raku project, to allow us a claim to the `#raku` and related
+channels. Approval for this happened within 24 hours, and as such, we can
+continue on the more noticable steps.
+The IRC bots we're using for various tasks will be moved next, and the Raku
+documentation has to be updated to refer to Libera instead of Freenode. The
+coming week we'll be working on that, together with the people who provide
+those bots.
+Once this is done, the last step involves the Matrix bridge. Libera and staff are working on this, but there's no definite timeline
+available just yet. This may mean that Matrix users will temporarily not be
+able to join the discussions happening at Libera. We will keep an eye on the
+progress of this, and set up the bridge as soon as it has been made available.
+If you have any questions regarding the migration, feel free to reach out to us
+via email (``) or on IRC (`#raku-steering-council` on