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Link to Matrix icon image, rather than have it on the page itself
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@@ -72,10 +72,12 @@ websites I visit. This causes timestamps to be off by one hour in the Element
client. A very minor issue that I can easily live with.
The other is that the "default" icons, which is a capital letter with a colored
-background, don't look so well. There's some odd artifacts in the icons, which
-doesn't seem to affect the letter shown.
-![Element Icon Artifacts](
+background, [don't look so well](
+There's some odd artifacts in the icons, which doesn't seem to affect the letter
+shown. Since I mostly use the
+[weechat-matrix]( plugin, it's not
+really an issue. And for the few times I do use Element, it doesn't bother me
+enough to consider it a real issue.
## Jellyfin