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+date: 2022-04-23
+title: A cookbook!
+- Food
+Last week, I've decided to add a cookbook to my website. I've thought about
+doing so for a while, but was rather hesitent since my website was mostly a
+tech-minded blog. However, this time around I've decided to simply add a
+cookbook, and have seperate RSS feeds for my [blog posts](/posts/index.xml) and
+[recipes](/recipes/index.xml), so that readers can decide what they want to
+follow. Now I can easily share any recipes that visitors have asked me to share
+over the years.
+The cookbook has an overview of all recipes, and each invidual recipe has a
+layout greatly inspired by MartijnBraam's [FatHub]( The
+JavaScript is an exact copy, even.
+The format of the recipes has been altered slightly. I found the FatHub format
+to be a little too verbose to make it simple enough to want to write down the
+recipes. So I've trimmed down on some of that. You can check the sources that I
+use on [](
+Since my website is generated with [Hugo](, I had to do the
+template myself as well. But these were fairly simple to port over, and I am
+fairly happy with the result. I've made two changes compared to the layout used
+by FatHub: Every step in the instructions is numbered, and the checkboxes for
+the ingredients are at the left-hand side. The ingredients don't contain a
+preparation step in the tables, as I've made that part of the cooking
+The entire thing was done in an afternoon during Easter, so it was pretty
+straightforward to set up. I haven't included many recipes yet, as I want to
+double-check the right amounts of ingredients and instructions for many of them.
+The downside of a recipe is that people generally follow it to the letter, and
+I'm not a professional cook, I often cook just by tasting and adjusting as
+There's one thing I didn't include, but which I might consider working on in the
+future: [baker's percentages](
+Some of my recipes have been written down in this notation, and for now I'll be
+converting them to regular quantities instead. There's also some downsides to
+baker's percentages such as harder to calculate what a serving size is, or the
+duration of certain steps, which has caused me to not make this a hard
+requirement for the cookbook section of my site.
+I think the cookbook is more than enough to get started with, and to try sharing
+some recipes in. If I've ever cooked something for you in person, and you would
+like to know the recipe, don't hesitate to ask me to include it in the cookbook.
+Additionally, if you have some tips on how to improve an existing recipe, I'd be
+very happy to hear about it!