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Freedom-focused hacker. I love everything about free software, and spend much
-time contributing to it myself. I occasionally write articles to help other
-people getting started with free software, and show the issues with proprietary
-software. I'm active on a number of IRC channels, spread over multiple IRC
+time contributing to it myself. I occasionally write blog posts to help other
+people getting started with free software, show the issues with proprietary
+software, or just talk about something I find fun and interesting.
+Pretty much all of my projects can be found on
+[](, though many of them are also mirrored on
+other code forges.
+I can be reached through various means of communication, though all of them
+usable by completely free means. Scroll down to the **Channels** section for
+more information about that.
## Contact
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#### IRC
-I am mainly active as `tyil` on [Libera][libera]. Other networks I frequent
-are [DareNET][darenet] and [Rizon][rizon], using the same nick, `tyil`. I
-use OTR for private messages on IRC, so be sure you use this if you want to
-discuss something in private.
+I am active on various IRC networks, most often under the nick `tyil`. All of
+these are connected from the same client, so you can pick any of these if you
+wish to have a real-time chat with me.
+- [DareNET](
+- [Libera](
+- [OFTC](
+- [Rizon](
+#### Matrix
+While I'm not fully convinced of Matrix yet, I have an active account on the
+network. I'd like to eventually self-host a homeserver, but for that to happen I
+would first like it to be actually good. For now, you can find me as
## Other links
- [Sourcehut account][git-srht]
- [GitLab account][git-gl]
- [GitHub account][git-gh]
-- [LinkedIn][linkedin]
## RSS
If you'd like to stay up-to-date with my posts, you can subscribe to the [RSS
[pubkey]: /pubkey.txt