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{{< admonition title="Disclaimer" >}}
-{% admonition_md Disclaimer %}
Please keep in mind that the opinion shared in this blog post is mine and mine
alone. I do not speak for any other members of the PerlCon organization team.
Please do not address anyone but me for the positions held in this post.
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@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ my $config ={
`foo` has been made into the `Str` *type object*, rather than a `Str` *value*.
This was technically allowed in previous `Config` versions, but it comes with
actual significance in 3.0.
-{{< / admonition_md >}}
+{{< / admonition >}}
Using `.new` instead of `.read` is a minor syntactic change, which saves 1 word
per program. This isn't quite that big of a deal. However, the optional `name`
@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@ environment variable, as per the `Log` module's interface. When set to `7` (for
"debug"), it will print the configuration files that are being merged into your
`Config` and which environment veriables are being used as well.
-{{< admonition_md title="note" >}}
+{{< admonition title="note" >}}
A downside is that the application using `Config` for its configuration must
also support `Log` to actually make the new logging work. Luckily, this is
quite easy to set up, and there's example code for this in `Log`'s README.
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ There *is* a
which would allow me to just copy over files to the right directory, however, I
quite like the ability to have multiple versions of the same module installed.
This is actually something Portage is designed with, too!
-{{< admonition >}}
+{{< / admonition >}}
After an email to the Raku users mailing list, I got some pointers over IRC. I
let these sink in for a couple days, considering how to approach the problem