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Add release page for Bashtard v2.0.0
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+title: Bashtard v2.0.0
+date: 2023-05-22
+type: project-release
+ bashtard-2.0.0.deb:
+ bashtard-2.0.0.tar.gz:
+### Added
+- The `var` subcommand is now referenced in `usage()`.
+- A `pkg` subcommand has been added, to allow for direct interaction with the
+ `pkg_*()` utilities provided by Bashtard.
+- `config_subkeys()` and `config_subkeys_for` have been added, to look up
+ subkeys defined in config files. These can help when you want to use a list
+ somewhere in your configuration.
+- A `backup` subcommand has been added. This backup system uses borg, which must
+ be installed, but should be generic enough to be usable by most people out of
+ the box.
+- The `Makefile` has been extended with targets for creating packages for
+ GNU+Linux distributions.
+- The `$BASHTARD_PLATFORM` variable now contains an additional entry, `init`, to
+ allow for handling different init systems on GNU+Linux in a cleaner fashion.
+- A `file_hash` utility function has been added. It currently uses `md5`, but is
+ written in such a fashion that this can easily be updated for the future. Its
+ intent is to encapsulate differences between naming and usage of hashing
+ utilities found on different systems.
+- A `dir_hash` utility function has been added, which will give you a hash based
+ on the file contents of a directory. This function will find files
+ recursively, calculate a hash for each of them, and then calculate a hash
+ based on the total result. The intended goal is to allow running before and
+ after templating some files, to deduce whether something actually changed.
+- A `diff` subcommand has been added to show all non-committed changes. It is a
+ convenience wrapper to avoid having to change directory and run `git diff` to
+ get an overview of all pending changes.
+- A `pull` subcommand has been added to only pull the latest changes into the
+ `$BASHTARD_ETCDIR`, without running `sync` on all the playbooks.
+- A new global variable, `$BASHTARD_PLAYBOOK_VARS` has been added. Currently,
+ its only purpose is to check for "required" variables to be used in the
+ playbook. Before an `add` or `sync`, any variables declared to be `required`
+ in the `$BASHTARD_PLAYBOOK_VARS` array will be checked to be non-empty. If any
+ are empty, an error will be thrown and the playbook will not be ran.
+- A new directory has been added, `data.d`, for data that should be shared
+ between playbook runs. This new directory is intended to create a clearer
+ seperation between a playbook and a user's specific data used by the playbook,
+ which in turn should make re-using playbooks easier.
+- A convenience function has been introduced, `playbook_path()`, which can give
+ you the absolute path to the playbook's base or data directory.
+- A `top` subcommand has been added to give some generic information of all
+ nodes known to Bashtard. It uses information from the `sysinfo` subcommand,
+ which it will pull in through an `ssh` invocation.
+### Changed
+- The `ssh` subcommand's configuration has been nested under `bashtard`, e.g.
+ `` is now ``. It should also be correctly using this
+ value for establishing the SSH connection.
+- `svc_enable()` now checks for the `rc.d` file to exist before running `grep`
+ on it.
+- `pkg_*()` functions no longer _require_ a `pkg.*` value to be defined. If one
+ is not set explicitly, a warning will be generated, but the original name
+ passed to the `pkg_*()` function will be used by the host's package manager.
+- `datetime()` now always passes `-u` on to `date`.
+- All manpages now include a `NAME` section.
+- The `sync` subcomman will now `stash` any changes before it attempts to
+ `pull`. Afterwards, `stash pop` will be ran to apply the last `stash`ed
+ changes again.