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+title: Bashtard v2.1.0
+date: 2024-04-02
+type: project-release
+ bashtard-2.1.0.deb:
+ bashtard-2.1.0.tar.gz:
+### Added
+- Configuration variables can be assigned values of other variables with the
+ `&=` assignment. This allows a single value to be re-used dynamically, rather
+ than having to explicitly set the same value several times.
+- A `zap` command has been added to remove a playbook from the registry without
+ running the playbook's `playbook_del()` function. This is intended to easily
+ remove registry entries when a playbook itself has been deleted or is
+ otherwise broken in a way that the regular `del` subcommand cannot fix.
+### Changed
+- The `description.txt` is now allowed to be used without the `.txt` suffix.
+ Usage with the `.txt` suffix continues to be supported as well.
+### Fixed
+- Passing an empty string as default value to `config` should now properly
+ return an empty string without a warning about the configuration key not
+ existing.