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2023-04-03Add blog post on templatingPatrick Spek
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2023-02-23Add blog post about the AWS VPN ClientPatrick Spek
2022-11-20Reduce water used in apple sauce recipePatrick Spek
2022-11-20Fix typo and undraft mayonnaisePatrick Spek
2022-11-20Finally publish zfs install guidePatrick Spek
2022-11-20Update recipe for stewed pearsPatrick Spek
2022-11-20Add recipe for stewed beef saladPatrick Spek
2022-11-20Add a simple mayonnaise recipePatrick Spek
2022-11-20Update cooking recipe layout to add notes to each stagePatrick Spek
2022-11-20Update summaries on cookbook overviewPatrick Spek
2022-11-03Prefer XMPP over MatrixPatrick Spek
2022-11-03Add reference to my Fediverse presencePatrick Spek
2022-10-22First draft for stewed pearsPatrick Spek
2022-10-16Finish up pea soup recipePatrick Spek
2022-10-16Add recipe for halal pea soupPatrick Spek
2022-10-08Fix up steps object for mushroom soup recipePatrick Spek
2022-10-08Add first attempt at mushroom soupPatrick Spek
2022-10-02First draft of my salsaPatrick Spek
2022-09-30Finish up mushroom saucePatrick Spek
2022-09-29Update mushroom sauce recipePatrick Spek
2022-09-29Add SearxNG servicePatrick Spek
2022-09-29Add invidious servicePatrick Spek
2022-09-29Add more measurements to the mushroom saucePatrick Spek
2022-09-29Add test recipe for mushroom saucePatrick Spek
2022-09-26Fix typoPatrick Spek
2022-05-23Add link for appelstroopPatrick Spek
2022-05-23Add pepper and saltPatrick Spek
2022-05-23Add bashtard tag to bashtard postPatrick Spek
2022-05-23Update recipe layout to allow informative links with ingredientsPatrick Spek
2022-05-23Add amounts to stewPatrick Spek
2022-05-22Rename the stew recipePatrick Spek
2022-05-22Add first draft for making a stewPatrick Spek
2022-05-10Apparently HN readers need clarification on thisPatrick Spek
2022-05-07Publish bashtard postPatrick Spek
2022-05-06Remove leading /, thanks avoidrPatrick Spek
2022-05-06Fix typoPatrick Spek
2022-05-06Minor fixes provided by avoidrPatrick Spek