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masterUpdate gitconfig for use with aws codecommitPatrick Spek5 days
rofiAdd rofiPatrick Spek15 months
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5 daysUpdate gitconfig for use with aws codecommitHEADmasterPatrick Spek
2021-07-05Update scrot commandsPatrick Spek
2021-07-05Add alacritty configPatrick Spek
2021-07-04Update SSH's known_hosts configPatrick Spek
2021-07-04Start using alacrittyPatrick Spek
2021-06-21Show proper missing dependencyPatrick Spek
2021-05-27Add a license header to 'open'Patrick Spek
2021-04-25Add pubkeys for hurzakPatrick Spek
2021-04-01Change prvy.top for twitter.lurkmore.comPatrick Spek
2021-04-01Update transmission speeds on active/idlePatrick Spek