AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysApply latest autoconfigHEADmasterPatrick Spek
12 daysAdd redirect for youtube in qutebrowserPatrick Spek
12 daysAdd url for awsapps to openPatrick Spek
12 daysSafedirs are SHITPatrick Spek
2023-03-08Add ludifah to ssh configPatrick Spek
2023-02-24Update gtk3 bookmarksPatrick Spek
2023-02-24Add XDG_STATE_HOMEPatrick Spek
2023-02-08Add quick script for downloadgemistPatrick Spek
2023-01-24Update qutebrowser configsPatrick Spek
2023-01-24Cleanup weechat from old serversPatrick Spek
2023-01-24Add weechat triggersPatrick Spek
2023-01-24Add rule for kodiPatrick Spek
2023-01-23Add qutebrowser configsPatrick Spek
2023-01-23Add xxllnc ssh key for ivdeaPatrick Spek
2022-12-25Revert "Make dmenu wrapper part of wrapper.sh"Patrick Spek
2022-12-24Make mpv pause xblankPatrick Spek
2022-12-24Change preferred browser to qutebrowserPatrick Spek
2022-12-24Make dmenu wrapper part of wrapper.shPatrick Spek
2022-12-24Rename .rc to .sh for wrapper configsPatrick Spek
2022-12-24Clean up some old utilsPatrick Spek
2022-12-20Minor weechat updatesPatrick Spek
2022-12-06Add ssh key for use within xxllncPatrick Spek
2022-12-06Update git configs for xxllncPatrick Spek
2022-12-06Update wrapper scriptPatrick Spek
2022-10-23Add krohxePatrick Spek
2022-10-23Add filters for two usersPatrick Spek
2022-10-23Update notify options on some channelsPatrick Spek
2022-10-23Turn off plugin debuggingPatrick Spek
2022-10-23Use my personal invidious instance for yt linksPatrick Spek
2022-10-19Switch to i3lockPatrick Spek
2022-10-19Reduce spacing in bash's PS1Patrick Spek
2022-10-19Include snap bins if they existPatrick Spek
2022-10-19Add XresourcesPatrick Spek
2022-10-17Add public key for root@krohxePatrick Spek
2022-09-26Add git.tyil.nl to ssh configPatrick Spek
2022-08-10Add host for jaomoxPatrick Spek
2022-08-09Fix for twitter urlsPatrick Spek
2022-08-07Add ivdea to ssh configPatrick Spek
2022-08-03Use correct hostname for hurzakPatrick Spek
2022-08-03Regenerate hurzak's keysPatrick Spek
2022-08-03Update authorized_keysPatrick Spek
2022-08-03Update opacity config used by alacrittyPatrick Spek
2022-08-03Regenerate SSH keys for hurzakPatrick Spek
2022-08-03Add vpn ip for hurzakPatrick Spek
2022-07-28Remove -z from scrotsPatrick Spek
2022-07-28Update wrapper base scriptPatrick Spek
2022-07-28Add filter for mr_catPatrick Spek
2022-07-28Rename autoload link for bad_word_filterPatrick Spek
2022-07-28Update pubkey in id.d for root@edephasPatrick Spek
2022-07-28Regenerate key for root@edephasPatrick Spek