AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
25 hoursUpdate SSH configs to use AWS SSM for work connectionsHEADmasterPatrick Spek
3 daysUse my own teddit instance for Reddit URLsPatrick Spek
3 daysGitlab URLs for xxllnc should go through chromiumPatrick Spek
3 daysUpdate ssh configsPatrick Spek
6 daysSync weechat configPatrick Spek
6 daysAdd vim plugin for ledger filesPatrick Spek
6 daysDocument additional libs to keep in mindPatrick Spek
6 daysSet notmuch database locationPatrick Spek
2022-01-02Add pkgsrc pathsPatrick Spek
2022-01-02Don't use $_Patrick Spek
2022-01-02Add pkgsrc utilityPatrick Spek
2022-01-02Fix issue when adding Raku to PATHPatrick Spek
2021-12-23Set IP for home.tyil.nlPatrick Spek
2021-12-23Set remote-hostname color when using moshPatrick Spek
2021-11-10Liberate myself from YouTubePatrick Spek
2021-11-10Reclaim Reddit for the usersPatrick Spek
2021-11-10Limit Twitter alternatives to ones of people I knowPatrick Spek
2021-11-10Update some vim defaultsPatrick Spek
2021-11-10Add new utility to retrieve a certificate by index out of a larger chainPatrick Spek
2021-11-10Update ta scriptPatrick Spek
2021-10-13Disable scaling in XPatrick Spek
2021-10-13Use pactl for volume controlPatrick Spek
2021-10-13Update ssh config for some lab environmentsPatrick Spek
2021-10-11Add small kubectl script to show all hostnames served by a namespacePatrick Spek
2021-10-11Weechat updatesPatrick Spek
2021-10-11Update notmuch filter scriptPatrick Spek
2021-10-11Update SSH keysPatrick Spek
2021-10-11Sort git tags as version numbersPatrick Spek
2021-10-11Add ipass-otp for handling OTP keysPatrick Spek
2021-10-11Add safety quotesPatrick Spek
2021-10-11Add additional nitter instancePatrick Spek
2021-10-11Update notmuch configPatrick Spek
2021-09-10Update SSH known hostsPatrick Spek
2021-09-10Add nm-applet to awesome startupPatrick Spek
2021-09-10Remove old unused entry from $PATHPatrick Spek
2021-08-18Add notmuch configPatrick Spek
2021-08-18No longer using workmail in local mailclientPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update the known_hosts for SSHPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Add filter for some spammerPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update tagsPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Include config for using AWS codecommitPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Add comment to help me out next time perl updatesPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update gitconfig for use with aws codecommitPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update scrot commandsPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Add alacritty configPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update SSH's known_hosts configPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Start using alacrittyPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Show proper missing dependencyPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Add a license header to 'open'Patrick Spek
2021-08-14Add pubkeys for hurzakPatrick Spek