AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysUpdate SSH known hostsHEADmasterPatrick Spek
7 daysAdd nm-applet to awesome startupPatrick Spek
7 daysRemove old unused entry from $PATHPatrick Spek
2021-08-18Add notmuch configPatrick Spek
2021-08-18No longer using workmail in local mailclientPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update the known_hosts for SSHPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Add filter for some spammerPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update tagsPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Include config for using AWS codecommitPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Add comment to help me out next time perl updatesPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update gitconfig for use with aws codecommitPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update scrot commandsPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Add alacritty configPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update SSH's known_hosts configPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Start using alacrittyPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Show proper missing dependencyPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Add a license header to 'open'Patrick Spek
2021-08-14Add pubkeys for hurzakPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Change prvy.top for twitter.lurkmore.comPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update transmission speeds on active/idlePatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update ncmpcpp keybindsPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Send a notification when open has no associationPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Add some switches to xblankPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Use a random twitter alternativePatrick Spek
2021-08-14Add SSH key for gaeruPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Add rsync.net to known_hostsPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Add ssh config entry for rsync.netPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update pubkey for tyil@bastPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Include ncmpcpp configurationPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Fix it real goodPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Also at least check if something *could* happenPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Stop complaining on missing syntax highlightingPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update SSH keyfilesPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update keybinds for dunstPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Make xblank export XBLANK_ vars for scriptsPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Interrupt dunst when idlePatrick Spek
2021-08-14Alter mpc interaction in xblankPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Include a number of xblank scriptsPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Lower timeouts for bl/vol notificationsPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Introduce xblankPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Set hostname on EHLOPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Set default user for T&T serversPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update colors for hlwmPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Make notify-send use its timeout in secondsPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Introduce own util for backlight controlPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Set the notify-send timeout for volPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Update some keybindsPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Also update tag to look forPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Use HEAD instead of @ for compatabilityPatrick Spek
2021-08-14Add a tray to hlwmPatrick Spek