AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorFilesLines
2024-01-18Add plarabe to ssh configPatrick Spek1-0/+3
2024-01-17Make firefox' scrollbars not shitPatrick Spek1-2/+4
2024-01-17Bump submodulesPatrick Spek3-0/+0
2024-01-17Clean up some of the KDE cruftPatrick Spek6-591/+0
2024-01-08Add SSH keys for plarabePatrick Spek3-0/+4
2023-12-11Update awesome configPatrick Spek2-17/+29
2023-12-11Update awesomePatrick Spek4-37/+21
2023-12-11Add small script to update dotfilesPatrick Spek1-0/+63
2023-12-11Apply submodulesPatrick Spek20-0/+57
2023-11-30Add ssh pubkey for plarabePatrick Spek2-0/+2
2023-10-26Improve firefox' full-screen behaviourPatrick Spek1-0/+3
2023-10-25Update user.jsPatrick Spek1-15/+16
2023-10-25Add custom desktop file for FirefoxPatrick Spek1-0/+5
2023-10-25Update Firefox wrapperPatrick Spek1-2/+2
2023-10-25Revoke access from ivdeaPatrick Spek2-4/+0
2023-10-25Add if-statement around venv promptPatrick Spek1-1/+4
2023-10-25Use -V instead of -v for command in venv functionPatrick Spek1-1/+1
2023-10-24Add python cruft to global git ignorePatrick Spek1-2/+6
2023-10-24Make bash use the same color for the exit status as zshPatrick Spek1-0/+2
2023-10-24Add shell functions for Python venvsPatrick Spek3-1/+61
It is an ugly system, and it seems it is practically inescapable. Truly an homage to the quality of the programming language and the devs who love it without question.
2023-10-09Update git config to use SSH keys for signing commitsPatrick Spek1-5/+11
It seems there are no expansions beyond tilde expansion inside the git configuration, so it is not possible to use a static configuration that links immediately to my SSH key, since they have variable names depending on their hostname. As such, a hard-coded config with a symlink to the key seemed like an okay solution for now.
2023-10-09Add signers file for gitPatrick Spek2-2/+6
2023-10-03Update format for CPU and memoryPatrick Spek1-2/+2
2023-10-03Update hyprlandPatrick Spek1-1/+8
2023-10-03Remove titlebar in FirefoxPatrick Spek1-0/+5
2023-09-24Add double bar setupPatrick Spek2-11/+16
Too bad the hyprland-specific components don't actually work, though.
2023-09-24Proper quote swayidle configPatrick Spek1-2/+5
2023-09-24See if this works to get named workspacesPatrick Spek1-0/+9
2023-09-24Fix typo in keepassxc startupPatrick Spek1-1/+1
2023-09-24Add gammastepPatrick Spek2-0/+9
2023-09-21Try out this hyprland scriptPatrick Spek2-9/+170
2023-09-21Use full paths for exec calls to custom utilsPatrick Spek1-5/+5
Hyprland doesn't respect my $PATH it looks like.
2023-09-21Update hyprland configPatrick Spek1-3/+8
2023-09-20Fix decreasing backlightPatrick Spek1-1/+1
2023-09-20Improve hyprland configsPatrick Spek3-23/+30
2023-09-20Update waybar configPatrick Spek1-8/+4
The disk submodule doesn't contain IO, so its pointless to have. The networking module doesn't appear to work unless I explicitly define the interface, and the current wildcard selection can't be made to work for just wired and wireless, while ignoring VPN and loopback devices. This is definitely sub-optimal, but I guess this'll work for now.
2023-09-20Drop custom xdg-openPatrick Spek1-1/+0
Having dedicated devices for work are nice, and this removes another Raku dependency. Their dependencies are still not packagable, sadly. Maybe I'll redo this with trurl in the future...
2023-09-20Fix non-POSIX if checkPatrick Spek1-1/+1
2023-09-20Update media key utilsPatrick Spek2-4/+20
2023-09-20Basic config for trying out hyprlandPatrick Spek6-0/+376
2023-09-01Add ssh key for root@ivdea.tyil.netPatrick Spek1-0/+1
2023-08-31Add count utilityPatrick Spek1-0/+44
2023-08-23Add rageclean command for kubectl, to get rid of resources immediatelyPatrick Spek1-0/+17
2023-08-14Add media-import scriptPatrick Spek1-0/+53
2023-08-06Make the k8s-edit-secret plugin just a bit betterPatrick Spek1-3/+5
2023-08-05Add vim plugin to make dealing with k8s secrets easierPatrick Spek1-0/+58
2023-08-04Add kubectl-secret utilPatrick Spek1-0/+76
2023-08-04Update weechat confPatrick Spek2-282/+233
2023-08-01Include oolah keys in authorized_keysPatrick Spek1-0/+2
2023-08-01Add ssh key for tyil@oolahPatrick Spek1-0/+1