AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
5 daysUpdate ssh keys for gaeru.tyil.netHEADmasterPatrick Spek
2023-05-17I don't really use GitLab anymore for personal usePatrick Spek
2023-05-17Update config to use Host *Patrick Spek
This should ensure that my personal key isn't tried before any host-specific key for work.
2023-05-16Add mouse follows focus to awesomePatrick Spek
2023-05-16Fix pass keybindPatrick Spek
2023-05-16Add opacity ricePatrick Spek
2023-05-16AwesomeWM ricePatrick Spek
2023-05-11Make mpv always tile nicely, even if it adds black bars to the sidePatrick Spek
2023-05-06Set Awesome as WM for KDE when ran without DMPatrick Spek
2023-05-06Add additional rules for games and related programsPatrick Spek
2023-05-06KDE loves updating config filesPatrick Spek
2023-05-06Allow js on uptime.tyil.nlPatrick Spek
2023-05-06Update allowed js hostsPatrick Spek
2023-05-06Include redshift in AwesomeWM autostartPatrick Spek
2023-05-05Add startup applications to awesomePatrick Spek
2023-05-05Explicitly enable syntax and ftplugin in vimrcPatrick Spek
2023-05-05Configure applets in KDEPatrick Spek
2023-05-05Update KDE bar and awesome colors to match eachotherPatrick Spek
2023-05-05Apply arc-dark theme to KDEPatrick Spek
2023-05-05Add awesome for use with KDEPatrick Spek
2023-04-28Make updates to run KDE as desired in both openrc and systemdPatrick Spek
2023-04-28Add various KDE configuration filesPatrick Spek
2023-04-28Update hlwm for use within KDEPatrick Spek
2023-04-26Various changes to KDEPatrick Spek
2023-04-25Update pubkey for tyil@anoiaPatrick Spek
2023-04-25Add various KDE configsPatrick Spek
2023-03-14Apply latest autoconfigPatrick Spek
2023-03-14Add redirect for youtube in qutebrowserPatrick Spek
2023-03-14Add url for awsapps to openPatrick Spek
2023-03-14Safedirs are SHITPatrick Spek
2023-03-08Add ludifah to ssh configPatrick Spek
2023-02-24Update gtk3 bookmarksPatrick Spek
2023-02-24Add XDG_STATE_HOMEPatrick Spek
2023-02-08Add quick script for downloadgemistPatrick Spek
2023-01-24Update qutebrowser configsPatrick Spek
2023-01-24Cleanup weechat from old serversPatrick Spek
2023-01-24Add weechat triggersPatrick Spek
2023-01-24Add rule for kodiPatrick Spek
2023-01-23Add qutebrowser configsPatrick Spek
2023-01-23Add xxllnc ssh key for ivdeaPatrick Spek
2022-12-25Revert "Make dmenu wrapper part of wrapper.sh"Patrick Spek
This reverts commit 60958fd2dfd575cf14790efd0ac2a66d3ef974f0.
2022-12-24Make mpv pause xblankPatrick Spek
2022-12-24Change preferred browser to qutebrowserPatrick Spek
2022-12-24Make dmenu wrapper part of wrapper.shPatrick Spek
2022-12-24Rename .rc to .sh for wrapper configsPatrick Spek
2022-12-24Clean up some old utilsPatrick Spek
2022-12-20Minor weechat updatesPatrick Spek
2022-12-06Add ssh key for use within xxllncPatrick Spek
2022-12-06Update git configs for xxllncPatrick Spek
2022-12-06Update wrapper scriptPatrick Spek