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= IRC::Client::Plugin::Github
:toc: preamble

A plugin for Github functionality in IRC::Client projects.

== Features
This module is currently only handling Github notifications through the webhook

=== Notifications through Github webhooks
Using[Bailador] as webserver, the plugin
can act upon Github webhook calls. This means immediate notifications whenever
something happens on a configured repository.

== Usage

Install the module through[zef]:

zef install IRC::Client::Plugin::Github

Sample setup for an `IRC::Client` project using `IRC::Client::Plugin::Github`:

use Config;
use IRC::Client;
use IRC::Client::Plugin::Github;

sub MAIN
my Config $config =;

.run with
:plugins( => $config)

=== Configuration
Configuration is done using[Config].

My preferred way of configuration is with `toml` files, so that's what I'll use
here to layout the configuration options. If you want to use another style,
adapt as necesary and make sure there's a parser available and installed to use
with `Config`.

# Set this to true to get more output on reasons why things might not be
# working for you.
debug = false

# General configuration of the plugin

# Which IP to bind Bailador to.
host = ""

# Which port to bind Bailador to.
port = 8000

# Set the message-style to "notice" to send notices instead of PRIVMSGs
message-style = "privmsg"

# The default channels to send to. If no channels are configured on the
# repository's configuration key, this array will be used instead.
channels = ["#scriptkitties"]

# If set to true, it will notify for every repository that POSTs a payload to
# the Bailador instance. Note this could be abused to spam through the bot.
# When false, every repository should be properly defined if you want to see
# any notifications from it.
allow-unknown = false

# Every repository must be configured with a heading similar like this,
# "github.webhook.repos.<repo-name>", where the repo name is the `full-name`
# attribute on the `repository` key from the webhook payload. Every "/" in the
# `full-name` must be converted to a "-", in order to play nice with toml.

# An array of channels to post notifications in. Overrides the
# `default-channels` from `github.webhook` if set.
channels = ["#scriptkitties"]

== License
This sourcecode is distributed under the GPLv3 license.