AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-27Use return codes in MAINHEADmasterPatrick Spek
2018-08-27Make the source-url optional during 'new'Patrick Spek
2018-08-27Rectify typo in Commands::TouchPatrick Spek
2018-08-27Add info on installing the latest masterPatrick Spek
2018-08-27Note new documentation in CHANGELOGPatrick Spek
2018-08-27Bundle Pod::To::Pager as dependency to ensure availability of p6manPatrick Spek
2018-08-27Fix 01-use.tPatrick Spek
2018-08-27Cleanup Commands::Touch::ResourcePatrick Spek
2018-08-27Cleanup Commands::Touch::TestPatrick Spek
2018-08-27Cleanup tests for Commands::Touch::ClassPatrick Spek
2018-08-27Cleanup Commands::UndependPatrick Spek
2018-08-27Cleanup Commands::NewPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Remove obsolete Help commandPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Cleanup Command::BumpPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Clean up Bootstrap::ConfigPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Clean up Touch::MetaPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Rename Touch::Unit to Touch::ModulePatrick Spek
2018-08-26Clean up Touch::BinPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Clean up DependPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Update Clean commandPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Add new 'meta source-url' commandPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Update Dist command to require a source-urlPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Fail push command early if dist failedPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Update the new test module creationPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Add special values on clean ConfigsPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Turn App::Assixt::Commands::New into a unit class, and stop relying on CWDPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Update dependenciesPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Rename --no-user-config to --user-configPatrick Spek
2018-08-25Update API version along with major version bumpsPatrick Spek
2018-08-25Use CPAN::Uploader::Tiny for dist uploadsPatrick Spek
2018-08-25Update dependency version for Dist::HelperPatrick Spek
2018-08-25Update CHANGELOGPatrick Spek
2018-08-25Use correct naming for gitlab-ci template placeholdersPatrick Spek
2018-08-25Bump version to 0.5.0Patrick Spek
2018-08-25Update the Pod 6 documentation in assixtPatrick Spek
2018-08-25Convert the README to Pod 6Patrick Spek
2018-08-25Add Pod 6 documentation to CommandsPatrick Spek
2018-08-25Strip local user information from distribution tarballPatrick Spek
2018-08-24Strip local user information from distribution tarballPatrick Spek
2018-08-24Update CHANGELOG with README.md changesPatrick Spek
2018-08-24Generate Markdown format from Pod 6 format if availablePatrick Spek
2018-08-24Convert Pod6 README to Markdown during Dist processPatrick Spek
2018-08-24Require a README.md when creating the distPatrick Spek
2018-08-24Add a default README to new projectsPatrick Spek
2018-08-24Update new module directory checkPatrick Spek
2018-08-22Update Travis configurationPatrick Spek
2018-08-22Use Version::Semantic to handle version bumpsPatrick Spek
2018-08-22Remove test requiring asciidocPatrick Spek
2018-08-22Don't test deps during CI testsPatrick Spek
2018-08-17Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:tyil/perl6-app-assixtPatrick Spek