AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-25Use v6.d instead of v6.cHEADmasterPatrick Spek
2019-07-24Update GitLab CI configurationPatrick Spek
2019-04-27Add PAUSE IDs for modules imported using --cpanPatrick Spek
2019-04-09Refactor for DB::Pg support (and more, but I forgot)Patrick Spek
2019-01-23Move code of cpan-migrate to App::CPAN::Bin::MigratePatrick Spek
2019-01-23Move code of cpan-list to App::CPAN::Bin::ListPatrick Spek
2019-01-23Implement import --cpanPatrick Spek
2019-01-23Make better use of the exception classesPatrick Spek
2019-01-23Prepare App::CPAN for running in a Docker containerPatrick Spek
2019-01-22Update the ERDPatrick Spek
2019-01-21Add cpan-import --nntpPatrick Spek
2019-01-17Add cpan-import --distPatrick Spek
2019-01-17Don't COMMIT when $DEBUG is true-ishPatrick Spek
2019-01-17Implement cpan-importPatrick Spek
2019-01-17Show error instead of crash when trying to downgrade a db migration, without ...Patrick Spek
2019-01-17Merge branch 'database' of perl6/app-cpan into masterPatrick Spek
2019-01-17Don't include the most recently applied migration in the todo listPatrick Spek
2019-01-17Add a get-db-type sub to App::CPAN::DatabasePatrick Spek
2019-01-17Detail steps to get started in the READMEPatrick Spek
2019-01-17Add utility to upgrade/downgrade the databasePatrick Spek
2019-01-17Add the initial database creation scriptsPatrick Spek
2019-01-17Add a document detailing the conventions with regards to database migrationsPatrick Spek
2019-01-17Add an ERD to document the database structurePatrick Spek
2019-01-16Bump version to 0.0.2Patrick Spek
2019-01-16Update test to passPatrick Spek
2019-01-15Set source-url in META6.jsonPatrick Spek
2019-01-15Bump version to 0.0.1Patrick Spek
2019-01-15Update READMEPatrick Spek
2019-01-15Add functionality to parse NNTP feeds for new modulesPatrick Spek
2019-01-13Add functionality to parse NNTP feeds for new modulesPatrick Spek
2019-01-11Add functionality to parse the recent module feed from CPANPatrick Spek
2019-01-10Initial commitPatrick Spek