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=head1 Synopsis
+=item1 rakuman [--skip-pager] <file>
+=item1 rakuman [--skip-pager] <module>
=head1 Description
+Read the main Pod6 documentation of a Raku file or module.
=head1 Examples
-=head1 See also
+Invoke C<rakuman> on a file or installed module.
+ rakuman App::Rakuman
+ rakuman program.raku
+You can make tell it not to open the output in a pager by adding
+C<--skip-pager> to the command.
+ rakuman --skip-pager App::Rakuman
+=head1 Configuration
+Rakuman allows configuration through environment variables. These all start
+with C<RAKUMAN>.
+=head2 Code block highlighting
+Code block highlighting is enabled by default if you have C<pygmentize>
+installed and executable from your C<$PATH>. If you prefer to not have
+highlighting, or are experience slow performance in files with many highlighted
+code blocks, you can disable this through C<$RAKUMAN_PYGMENTIZE>.
+=head2 Tab sizes
+Tab sizes default to B<8> characters wide. This can be altered through the
+C<$RAKUMAN_TAB_SIZE> variable.
+ RAKUMAN_TAB_SIZE=4 rakuman …
+=head2 Line length
+The lines get wrapped at B<79> characters by default. The
+C<$RAKUMAN_LINE_LENGTH> variable allows you to alter this.
+ RAKUMAN_LINE_LENGTH=120 rakuman …
=end pod