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masterAdd template for filesPatrick Spek4 years
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2018-06-29Add template for filesHEADmasterPatrick Spek
2018-06-27Update character set in editorconfigPatrick Spek
2018-06-27Add default Pod to new filesPatrick Spek
2018-06-24Bump version to 0.20.0Patrick Spek
2018-06-24Add support for gitlab-ci configuration templatePatrick Spek
2018-06-24Add template for gitlab-ciPatrick Spek
2018-03-20Update Travis configurationPatrick Spek
2018-03-20Add testing target 2018.03 to TravisPatrick Spek
2018-03-16Bump version to 0.19.2Patrick Spek
2018-03-16Merge pull request #35 from Tyil/fix/dependency-versionsPatrick Spek