AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-29Add template for filesHEADmasterPatrick Spek
2018-06-27Update character set in editorconfigPatrick Spek
2018-06-27Add default Pod to new filesPatrick Spek
2018-06-24Bump version to 0.20.0Patrick Spek
2018-06-24Add support for gitlab-ci configuration templatePatrick Spek
2018-06-24Add template for gitlab-ciPatrick Spek
2018-03-20Update Travis configurationPatrick Spek
2018-03-20Add testing target 2018.03 to TravisPatrick Spek
2018-03-16Bump version to 0.19.2Patrick Spek
2018-03-16Merge pull request #35 from Tyil/fix/dependency-versionsPatrick Spek
2018-03-162018.01 pkg release is broken with zef by defaultPatrick Spek
2018-03-15Extend Travis testing targetsPatrick Spek
2018-03-15Add a CHANGELOG.mdPatrick Spek
2018-03-15Add a plan to the use testPatrick Spek
2018-03-15Add a test to ensure all parts of the module can be usedPatrick Spek
2018-03-15Update the depenency version indicators in META6.jsonPatrick Spek
2018-01-05Bump version to 0.19.1Patrick Spek
2018-01-04Rename App::Cpan6 to Dist::Helper and split off the bin to App::AssixtPatrick Spek
2017-12-29Bump version to 0.18.0Patrick Spek
2017-12-29Merge pull request #33 from Tyil/command-cleanPatrick Spek
2017-12-29Add tests for clean commandPatrick Spek
2017-12-28Update the docs to include a reference to the clean commandPatrick Spek
2017-12-28Fix checks for file cleanupPatrick Spek
2017-12-28Make find-files also callable with IO::PathPatrick Spek
2017-12-28Fix resource existence checkPatrick Spek
2017-12-06Add initial draft for the clean commandPatrick Spek
2017-11-25Merge pull request #29 from Tyil/testsPatrick Spek
2017-11-25Fix unupdated call to tar in DistPatrick Spek
2017-11-25Update tar arguments in Dist commandPatrick Spek
2017-11-25Change dist behaviour depending on tar versionPatrick Spek
2017-11-25Add verbose output to dist outputPatrick Spek
2017-11-25Cleanly skipping tests is a massive painPatrick Spek
2017-11-25Use skip-rest from Test in testsPatrick Spek
2017-11-25Replace returns with exits in testsPatrick Spek
2017-11-24Change notes into says in early returning testsPatrick Spek
2017-11-24Add return statement to tests which should be skipped if dependencies are mis...Patrick Spek
2017-11-24Add extra use in tests using whichPatrick Spek
2017-11-24Make sure a2x and gzip are available when neededPatrick Spek
2017-11-24Make sure 'tar' is available when neededPatrick Spek
2017-11-24Add test for cpan6 touch resourcePatrick Spek
2017-11-24Add tests for cpan6 touch classPatrick Spek
2017-11-24Add test for cpan6 helpPatrick Spek
2017-11-24Add tests for cpan6 distPatrick Spek
2017-11-24Add test for cpan6 bootstrap manPatrick Spek
2017-11-23Merge branch 'tests' of into testsPatrick Spek
2017-11-23Update tag for 2017.10 testPatrick Spek
2017-11-23Update the matrix for travis testsPatrick Spek
2017-11-23osx tests are redundant herePatrick Spek
2017-11-23Set REVISION to 02 for the 2017.10 test in travisPatrick Spek
2017-11-23Merge branch 'master' into testsPatrick Spek