AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-12Set -z on the tar commandHEADmasterPatrick Spek
2020-07-12Make resources optionalPatrick Spek
2020-07-12Alter the way files are included in a distPatrick Spek
2020-07-11Add LGPL-3.0-or-later licensePatrick Spek
2020-07-05Update $name to $module for consistencyPatrick Spek
2020-07-05Add dist commandPatrick Spek
2020-07-04Rename some missing dist-maker- calls to rakumod-Patrick Spek
2020-07-04Demote config init message to debugPatrick Spek
2020-07-04Put SUB-MAIN-OPTS backPatrick Spek
2020-07-04Prettify the error on missing templatesPatrick Spek
2020-07-04Add AGPL-3.0-only licensePatrick Spek
2020-07-04Use SPDX identifies AGPL-3.0-onlyPatrick Spek
2020-07-04Fix some leftover rdm references to rakumodPatrick Spek
2020-07-04Add dedication sub for CLI initializationPatrick Spek
2020-07-04Set tab width to 8Patrick Spek
2020-07-04Rename to App::RakumodPatrick Spek
2020-02-14Fix issue with unavailable resourcesPatrick Spek
2020-02-08Redo templating systemPatrick Spek
2020-02-05Add support for short licenses in new filesPatrick Spek
2020-02-05Add Pod6 docsPatrick Spek
2020-02-05Add command to add new files to a modulePatrick Spek
2020-02-05Make sanity checks skippablePatrick Spek
2020-02-05Add depend commandPatrick Spek
2020-02-05Rename to Dist::MakerPatrick Spek
2020-02-05Implement bare bones new commandPatrick Spek
2020-02-04Initial commitPatrick Spek