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masterBump to version 1.1.3Patrick Spek4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-09-23Bump to version 1.1.3HEADmasterPatrick Spek
2018-09-23Fix bug with pages that use Length instead of Content-LengthPatrick Spek
2018-09-13Use Pod6 for the README instead of adocPatrick Spek
2018-09-13Add source-url to META6.jsonPatrick Spek
2018-09-13Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:tyil/perl6-IRC-Client-Plugin-UrlTitlePatrick Spek
2018-09-13Bump version to v1.1.2Patrick Spek
2018-09-11Merge branch 'gitlab-testing' into 'master'tyil
2018-09-11Install libssl before running zefPatrick Spek
2018-09-11Clean messages before trying to send them to IRCPatrick Spek
2018-09-11Add GitLab CI configurationPatrick Spek