AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-06-24Update NAME in test-programPatrick Spek
2018-06-24Bump to version 0.2.0Patrick Spek
2018-06-24Update test-program outputPatrick Spek
2018-06-24Indent headingsPatrick Spek
2018-06-24Add pod structures to some filesPatrick Spek
2018-06-24Add minimum width for bordered blocksPatrick Spek
2018-06-24Add screenshot URLs to READMEPatrick Spek
2018-06-24Add dist job to gitlab-ciPatrick Spek
2018-06-23Add a testPatrick Spek
2018-06-23Bump version number to 0.1.0Patrick Spek
2018-06-23Add p6man utility to the modulePatrick Spek
2018-06-23Commit the first version of the modulePatrick Spek