=begin pod

=NAME    Template::Prometheus
=AUTHOR  Patrick Spek <p.spek@tyil.work>
=VERSION 0.0.0

=head1 Description

Objects to easily render templates of metrics for usage with Prometheus.

=head1 Installation

Install this module through L<zef|https://github.com/ugexe/zef>:

=begin code :lang<sh>
zef install Template::Prometheus
=end code

=head1 Example usage

=head2 Exporting stats from the C<App::CPAN> database

=begin code
		name => "distribution_count",
		value => ModuleRepo::count,
		description => "Number of distributions in the database",
		name => "module_count",
		value => ModuleRepo::count-unique,
		description => "Number of unique modules in the database",
		name => "pause_id_count",
		value => ModuleRepo::count-pause-ids,
		description => "Number of PAUSE IDs in the database",
=end code

=head1 License

This module is distributed under the terms of the AGPL-3.0.

=end pod