AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-12Update CHANGELOGio-pathsPatrick Spek
2019-07-12Attempt to allow IO::Path for path based argumentsPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Bump version to 2.1.0Patrick Spek
2018-08-26Add .clone methodPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Bump to version 2.0.1Patrick Spek
2018-08-26Bump API versionPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Bump version to 2.0.0Patrick Spek
2018-08-26Return self on .readPatrick Spek
2018-08-26Add GitLab CI configurationPatrick Spek
2018-05-23Add reference to Config::Parser::json to READMEPatrick Spek
2018-03-28Release v1.3.5Patrick Spek
2018-03-28Update to use newer Hash::MergePatrick Spek
2018-03-21Update CHANGELOGPatrick Spek
2018-03-21Clean up tests from useless statementsPatrick Spek
2018-03-21Remove redundant say statementPatrick Spek
2018-03-20Bump version to 1.3.3Patrick Spek
2018-03-20Bump version to 1.3.2Patrick Spek
2018-03-20Fix incorrect indentation in .travis.ymlPatrick Spek
2018-03-20Update Travis config to cd explicitly to the Travis build dirPatrick Spek
2018-03-20Update Travis configuration to use prebuilt packagesPatrick Spek
2018-03-20Add a CHANGELOGPatrick Spek
2018-03-20Fix :delete adverbPatrick Spek
2017-11-22Remove 'null' from resources in META6.jsonPatrick Spek
2017-11-22Bump version to 1.3.1Patrick Spek
2017-11-22Update Travis test targetsPatrick Spek
2017-11-22Move some code around and add doc to keys methodPatrick Spek
2017-11-22Add a plan to the .keys testPatrick Spek
2017-11-22Bump version to 1.3.0Patrick Spek
2017-11-22Implement .keys methodPatrick Spek
2017-10-11Bump version numberPatrick Spek
2017-07-30Update READMEPatrick Spek
2017-07-29Add skip-not-found toggle to .read when called with (Str, Str, Bool)Patrick Spek
2017-07-29Update README back to use $ sigilsPatrick Spek
2017-07-29Clean up all testsPatrick Spek
2017-07-29Add tests for using .get with a Nil keyPatrick Spek
2017-07-29Add tests for reading a List of filesPatrick Spek
2017-07-29Update READMEPatrick Spek
2017-07-29Version bumpPatrick Spek
2017-07-29Add tests for associative indexingPatrick Spek
2017-07-29Use the correct self reference instead of $selfPatrick Spek
2017-07-29Use the correct type Bool instead of boolPatrick Spek
2017-07-29Initial draft for associative indexingPatrick Spek
2017-07-29Update travis configPatrick Spek
2017-07-29Add a fallback method in case the key for .get is NilPatrick Spek
2017-07-29Make the read method return False if no files were loadedPatrick Spek
2017-07-29Add editorconfig to the projectPatrick Spek
2017-04-27Update method sigs, type checking and testsPatrick Spek
2017-04-27Add specific rakudo versionsPatrick Spek
2017-04-26Rename test filesPatrick Spek
2017-04-26Add Config::Parser::NULL for testcasesPatrick Spek