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authorPatrick Spek <p.spek@tyil.nl>2020-02-04 09:02:51 +0100
committerPatrick Spek <p.spek@tyil.nl>2020-02-04 09:02:51 +0100
commitfa276a063eea5c15836e41846e31b2622570e628 (patch)
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Remove useless warning
This warning serves no value, but it pops up during testing, which confused an end user. Thus, it is being removed.
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diff --git a/lib/Hash/Merge/Augment.pm6 b/lib/Hash/Merge/Augment.pm6
index b256b8e..8de7542 100644
--- a/lib/Hash/Merge/Augment.pm6
+++ b/lib/Hash/Merge/Augment.pm6
@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@ augment class Hash
#| becomes an Array type.
#| Use :no-append-array to replace arrays and positionals instead, which will
#| also retain the original type and not convert to an Array
- multi method merge (Hash:U: %b, Bool:D :$no-append-array = False) {
- warn "Cannot merge an undefined Hash!";
+ multi method merge (Hash:U: %b, Bool:D :$no-append-array = False)
+ {
return %b;