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# Big-Picture Behaviour
+This document describes the general behaviour of the `IRC::Client` clients.
+## Connection Maintenance
+The client is designed with the goal of being run indefinitely. As such, it
+will restart server connections if they close.
+If a connection fails or a disconnect happens, the client will wait
+10 seconds (non-blockingly) and attempt to reconnect, repeating the process
+if the reconnect fails too. This loop will continue indefinitely until either
+the connection is established or the client explicitly quits the server
+using the `.quit` method on the Client Object.
+The described process applies to individual servers, regardless of how many
+servers the client is asked to connect to. Thus, it's possible that one
+server will be in the reconnect loop, while others will be connected and
+functioning like normal. It's also possible for the user to `.quit` some
+servers, while maintaining connection to others. The client object's
+`.run` method will return only when *all* servers have been `.quit`
+## Nickname Maintenance
+If the first nickname assigned to the bot at the start (or one set
+using `.nick` method) is in use, the bot will automatically use the next one
+in the list. If *all* of the nicks are in use, it will wait a short period
+of time, before retrying all nicks again.
+Note: the same system will be applied if the proposed nick is an erroneous
+one that cannot be used on the server—for example, it can contain invalid
+characters or be too long. This means the bot will never succeed
+in connecting to the server or changing a nick if the entire list of nicks it
+possesses are invalid ones. Be sure to turn the debug output on and inspect
+output for any suspect messages if you're having issues connecting.