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@@ -354,6 +354,10 @@ the channel and the value is its password.
A list of nicks the client uses on this server. If one nick is
taken, next one in the list will be attempted to be used.
+#### `.alias`
+A list of aliases on this server.
#### `.host`
The host of the server.
@@ -445,6 +449,7 @@ my $irc = IRC::Client.new:
:channels<#perl #perl6 #rust-lang>
+ :alias('foo', /b.r/)
:userreal('Mah awesome bot!')
@@ -515,8 +520,22 @@ generate three additional nicknames that have underscores appended
If one of the given nicks is in use, the client will attempt to use the
next one in the list.
+##### `:alias`
**Defaults to:** `P6Bot`
+ :alias('foo', /b.r/)
+A list of `Str` or `Regex` objects that in the context of
+`irc-addressed`, `irc-to-me`, and `irc-mentioned` events will be used
+as alternative nicks. In other words, specifying `'bot'` as alias will allow
+you to address the bot using `bot` nick, regardless of the actual nick the
+bot is currently using.
+**Defaults to:** empty list
##### `:password`
The server password to use. On some networks (like Freenode), the server