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Document irc-started caveats
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@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ the `$.irc` attribute:
use IRC::Client;
class AlarmBot does IRC::Client::Plugin {
- method irc-connected ($) {
+ method irc-started {
react {
whenever Supply.interval(3) {
$.irc.send: :where<#perl6> :text<Three seconds passed!>;
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@@ -55,6 +55,18 @@ irc-addressed ▶ irc-to-me ▶ irc-notice-channel ▶ irc-notice
+**Note:** `irc-started` is a special event that's exempt from the rules
+applicable to all other events and their event handlers:
+* It's called just once per call of `IRC::Client`'s `.run` method, regardless
+of how many times the client reconnects
+* When it's called, there's no guarantee the connections to servers have
+been fully established yet or channels joined yet.
+* Unless all other event handlers, this one does not take any arguments
+* Return values from handlers are ignored and the event is propagated to all of
+the plugins
+* This event does not trigger `irc-all` event
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