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+#!/usr/bin/env raku
+use v6.d;
+use Test;
+use IRC::Client;
+use IRC::Client::Message;
+my $client = IRC::Client.new;
+ok IRC::Client::Message.new(":irc.tyil.nl 432 * tyil_ircbot :Nickname too long, max. 9 characters", $client);
+ok IRC::Client::Message.new(":irc.tyil.nl 004 tyiltest irc.tyil.nl ngircd-26.1 abBcCFiIoqrRswx abehiIklmMnoOPqQrRstvVz", $client);
+ok IRC::Client::Message.new("PING :adams.freenode.net", $client);
+ok IRC::Client::Message.new(":freenode-connect!bot@freenode/utility-bot/frigg PRIVMSG tyil_ircbot :\x[1]VERSION\x[1]", $client);
+ok IRC::Client::Message.new(':tyil_ircbot!~raku@2a10:3781:a2:1:e8ed:81a8:92c9:b4aa JOIN #scriptkitties', $client);
+ok IRC::Client::Message.new(':freenode-connect!bot@freenode/utility-bot/frigg NOTICE tyil_ircbot :Welcome to freenode. To protect the network all new connections will be scanned for vulnerabilities. This will not harm your computer, and vulnerable hosts will be notified.', $client);