AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-08Emit irc-started before any connection is made3.006002Zoffix Znet
2016-08-07Add `:alias` feature3.006001Zoffix Znet
2016-08-07Bump version3.005001Zoffix Znet
2016-08-07Make addressed regex more restrictiveZoffix Znet
2016-08-03Bump versionZoffix Znet
2016-08-03Mark changes3.004004Zoffix Znet
2016-08-03Implement .match method on Privmsg/Notice objectsZoffix Znet
2016-08-02Release 3.0040033.004003Zoffix Znet
2016-08-02Add support for channel passwordsZoffix Znet
2016-08-02Use .join to join channels on start up instead of raw IRC commandZoffix Znet
2016-08-02Update changesZoffix Znet
2016-08-02Fix missing user/channel info in debug output for PRIVMSG/NOTICE messagesZoffix Znet
2016-08-02Update changelogZoffix Znet
2016-08-02Make nick grammar looserZoffix Znet
2016-08-02Make it easier to run examples off an arbitrary IRC serverZoffix Znet
2016-07-31Fix issue with channels argument typecheck3.003006Zoffix Znet
2016-07-30Fix broken regex match in signature3.003005Zoffix Znet
2016-07-30Bump version3.003004Zoffix Znet
2016-07-30Merge pull request #16 from MasterDuke17/masterZoffix Znet
2016-07-30Fix for precompilation problems when requiring inside of a tryDaniel Green
2016-07-30Fix non-thread-safe-cache in exampleZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Release 3.003003 version as one with the new rewritten APIZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Point to examples dir, not just READMEZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Add examples; fix up docsZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Fix filters with PromisesZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Doc fixupZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Doc fixupZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Doc fixupZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Finish documenting big pictureZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Document IRC::Client methodsZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Implement automatic nick switcherZoffix Znet
2016-07-29BlargZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Document the IRC::Client::Server objectZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Separate object sections more betterZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Document stuffZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Add events referenceZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Trigger events that do not have any convenience events tooZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Moar docsZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Moar docsZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Moar docsZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Let match objects be given as server valueZoffix Znet
2016-07-29DebugZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Use better BUILDZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Use positionals in the docsZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Include IRC::Client::ServerZoffix Znet
2016-07-28Fix asyncZoffix Znet
2016-07-28Document irc-started caveatsZoffix Znet
2016-07-28FormattingZoffix Znet
2016-07-28Add irc-started eventZoffix Znet
2016-07-28Fix event chart alignmentZoffix Znet