AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-25Update Perl 6 reference to RakurakuizePatrick Spek
2019-04-12Merge pull request #62 from taboege/irc-addressed-false-positivesAleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev
2019-04-12Merge pull request #61 from Tyil/reply-no-prefixAleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev
2019-04-12Fix irc-addressed false positivesTobias Boege
2019-02-08Changes badgeJJ Merelo
2018-12-17Make auto-prefixing nicks optionalPatrick Spek
2018-12-17Add tyil to CONTRIBUTORSPatrick Spek
2018-12-17Add .editorconfigPatrick Spek
2018-12-15Update META6.jsonZoffix Znet
2018-12-15Merge pull request #60 from Tyil/connection-failed-reasonZoffix Znet
2018-12-15Add the reason for why the connection failed when :debug is TruePatrick Spek
2018-10-13s/subst<(\-mutate//Zoffix Znet
2018-08-30Update META6.jsonZoffix Znet
2018-08-30Speed up arg quoting and search for all whitespaceZoffix Znet
2018-08-30send-cmd should prepend last arg with : only if /\s/ (#58)Summertime
2018-08-03Update META6.jsonZoffix Znet
2018-08-03Allow | in nicksZoffix Znet
2018-08-02Update Client.pm6Zoffix Znet
2018-07-04Add IRC::Client::Plugin to list of providablesZoffix Znet
2018-06-23Bump versionZoffix Znet
2018-06-23Merge pull request #57 from taboege/masterZoffix Znet
2018-06-23IRC::Client.send: use correct server in loopTobias Boege
2018-02-06Update META6.jsonZoffix Znet
2018-02-06Ensure we don't try to serialize an Exception in $!Zoffix Znet
2018-01-17Update META6.jsonZoffix Znet
2018-01-17Update Server.pm6Zoffix Znet
2017-10-20Fix grammar bugZoffix Znet
2017-09-12Merge pull request #49 from Tyil/fix-spelling-mistakeZoffix Znet
2017-09-07Apply generic fixes to make it nicer to readPatrick Spek
2017-09-07Correct spelling mistake in 'singnals'Patrick Spek
2017-08-28Fix #48 for realzZoffix Znet
2017-08-28Fix crash when SSL option is not providedZoffix Znet
2017-08-13Update META6.jsonZoffix Znet
2017-08-13Merge pull request #46 from the-eater/add-ssl-supportZoffix Znet
2017-08-13Add SSL supporteater
2017-05-30Update .travis.ymlZoffix Znet
2017-05-30Fix colorizationZoffix Znet
2017-04-26Merge pull request #44 from samcv/SPDX-licenseZoffix Znet
2017-04-26Use SPDX identifier in license field of META6.jsonSamantha McVey
2017-03-09Update META6.jsonZoffix Znet
2017-03-09Add tagsZoffix Znet
2016-12-16Remove download linkZoffix Znet
2016-12-15Merge pull request #34 from faraco/patch-2Zoffix Znet
2016-12-15hot fixfaraco
2016-12-14Merge pull request #33 from faraco/patch-1Zoffix Znet
2016-12-14fix wrong urlfaraco
2016-12-14Update README.mdfaraco
2016-10-15Bump version3.006003Zoffix Znet
2016-10-15Fix numeric events being unsubscrabable due to incorrect identifiersZoffix Znet
2016-09-04Suggest .args useZoffix Znet