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2016-10-15Fix numeric events being unsubscrabable due to incorrect identifiersZoffix Znet
2016-08-07Add `:alias` feature3.006001Zoffix Znet
2016-08-02Make it easier to run examples off an arbitrary IRC serverZoffix Znet
2016-07-30Fix non-thread-safe-cache in exampleZoffix Znet
2016-07-29Add examples; fix up docsZoffix Znet
2016-07-24moar workZoffix Znet
2016-07-19BlahgZoffix Znet
2016-06-10IntermediaryZoffix Znet
2016-06-05First working testZoffix Znet
2016-06-05ZZoffix Znet
2016-06-05ZZoffix Znet
2016-06-04First working rewriteZoffix Znet
2016-06-04StuffZoffix Znet
2016-06-04More stuffZoffix Znet
2016-06-04WtfZoffix Znet
2016-06-03Start rewriteZoffix Znet
2016-01-03Add irc-to-me methodZoffix Znet
2015-12-21Use a more idomatic exampleZoffix Znet
2015-12-21Use a better exampleZoffix Znet
2015-12-21Some docsZoffix Znet
2015-12-06PrereleaseZoffix Znet
2015-12-06DebugZoffix Znet
2015-12-05Barely-working grammarZoffix Znet
2015-11-25Make stubbing workZoffix Znet
2015-11-25Use freenode addressZoffix Znet
2015-11-25IntermediaryZoffix Znet
2015-11-19first commitZoffix Znet