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Implement raiph's our-scalar suggestion
This moves the actual Log role to Log::Abstract, but the user-facing interface remains the same due to some EXPORT magic. This little bit of magic makes manual inclusion of Log::Level redundant as well. The suggestion itself concerns a new addition to the module, $Log::instance. This is a "shared" variable in that one part of your program can set it, and others parts can use it wherever. This is potentially favourable over using $*LOG, especially in multi-threaded programs.
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"perl": "6.d",
"provides": {
"Log": "lib/Log.rakumod",
+ "Log::Abstract": "lib/Log/Abstract.rakumod",
"Log::Level": "lib/Log/Level.rakumod"
"source-url": "https://home.tyil.nl/git/raku/Log/",
"version": "0.1.1"
-} \ No newline at end of file