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Add deprecation notes for regex spec changes.
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@@ -30,6 +30,18 @@ specification, and will be removed or changed:
* IO::File and IO::Dir will go away, and &dir will return values of type
IO::Path (which is currently the superclass of IO::File and IO::Dir).
+* Leading whitespace in rules and under :sigspace will no longer be
+ converted to <.ws> . For existing regexes that expect this conversion,
+ add a <?> in front of leading whitespace to make it meta again.
+ Scheduled for the 2012.08 release.
+* The ?-quantifier on captures in regexes currently binds the capture
+ slot to a List containing either zero or one Match objects; i.e., it
+ is equivalent to "** 0..1". In the future, the ?-quantifier will
+ bind the slot directly to a captured Match or to Nil. Existing code
+ can manage the transition by changing existing ?-quantifiers to
+ use "** 0..1", which will continue to return a List of matches.
* The method Str.bytes will be removed. To get the number of codepoints
in a string, use .codes instead. To get the number of bytes in a
given encoding, use $str.encode($encoding).bytes .