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[announce] mention quote adverbs and precompilation fixes
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diff --git a/docs/announce/2012.11 b/docs/announce/2012.11
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--- a/docs/announce/2012.11
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@@ -18,6 +18,8 @@ Some of the new features added to this release include:
* heredocs
+* quote adverbs (like q:w//)
* implemented precedence related traits (equiv, looser, tighter, assoc)
* Perl 6 grammar NFAs are pre-computed, saving some work on each
@@ -28,6 +30,9 @@ Some of the new features added to this release include:
* FIRST/NEXT/LAST can now be used in all types of loop (previously
limited to for)
+* several fixes related to module precompilation. This should make working
+ with larger code bases much less painful.
This release also contains a range of performance improvements, bug fixes,
improvements to error reporting and better failure modes.