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@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ In the Perl 6 world, we make a distinction between the language
modules, documentation, and other resources collected from the
Perl 6 community.
-[release 2015.06]:
+[releases up to 2015.06]:
@@ -28,7 +28,33 @@ Perl 6 community.
Some of the new compiler features added to this release include:
-+ XXX
+* "0" (0 as a string) is now True, no special-casing anymore
+* an Int() coercion type in a multi now creates two candidates: Any and Int
+* native arrays
+* starts-with/substr-eq/ends-with for comparing strings inside other strings
+* where constraints on variable and attribute declarations
+* 'is rw' parameters implemented for native subs (they get passed as a pointer)
+* use Foo:from\<Perl5\> and EVAL $code, :lang\<perl5\> are now supported as
+ long as Inline::Perl5 is installed. Allows passing most of S01 spec tests.
+* NFG, NFC, NFD, Uni
+* "unit" declaration needed for blockless packages
+* Various API changes for the Great List Refactor, such as...
+ + 'for' loops not longer flatten; use 'for flat' for that
+ + .map no longer flattens, map as a listop does. Use .flatmap to get the
+ old behavior
+ + Likewise other methods that used to flatten their invocant no longer do:
+ all, any, one, none, unique, squish, min, max, minmax, classify, and categorize
+ + Nil no longer iterates like the empty List. Use () or Empty instead.
+* .pick($n)/roll($n) now always return lists, even when $n == 1
+* The "is cached" trait no longer works on methods, throws a NYI instead
+* Method .map should be used instead of .for
+* The REPL is strict by default now, that leaves only '-e' lines to be lax
+* Implement new @*INC handling (about 30% faster startup time)
+ (bare startup time is now below 100 ms on some machines)
+* Implemented CUnions which map to the union C type definition for NativeCall
+* Implemented HAS declarator for attributes to mark it embedded into the
+ CStruct or CUnion
+* Lexical pragma 'use trace' now outputs statements on STDERR
There are some key features of Perl 6 that Rakudo Star does not yet
handle appropriately, although they will appear in upcoming releases.