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@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ after the source build completes.
Once Rakudo Star is installed (and assuming perl6 is in your PATH), you can
run Perl 6 programs by doing:
- $ perl6 hello.pl
+ $ perl6 hello.p6
If the Rakudo compiler is invoked without an explicit script to run, it
enters a small interactive mode that allows Perl 6 statements to be executed
@@ -144,11 +144,12 @@ This distribution also contains documentation in the docs/ directory:
docs/cheatsheet.txt — Perl 6 cheat sheet
docs/2015-spw-perl6-course.pdf — A short Perl 6 course
- docs/perl6intro.pdf — Recent snapshot of http://perl6intro.com/
+ docs/perl6intro.pdf — Recent snapshot of https://perl6intro.com/
docs/announce/ — Detailed release announcements
-http://perl6intro.com/ is available in multiple languages, Dutch, French,
-German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish at the time of writing.
+https://perl6intro.com/ is available in multiple languages, French, German,
+Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Bulgarian, Chinese, Italian, Turkish,
+Indonesian and Russian at the time of writing.
Installing Perl 6 Modules
@@ -157,11 +158,9 @@ zef is a module installer bundled with Rakudo Star.
See https://github.com/ugexe/zef for zef documentation.
-panda is an alternative module installer.
+A list of modules available in the "ecosystem" is at https://modules.perl6.org/
-A list of modules available in the "ecosystem" is at http://modules.perl6.org/
-Git is useful for both zef and panda (and required with the latter).
+Git is useful for zef.
When upgrading between versions of perl 6 it may be necessary to remove
~/.perl6 and/or ~/.zef due to a possible toolchain bug. If you see this issue
@@ -172,7 +171,7 @@ Where to get help or answers to questions
'p6doc faq' will display a version of the FAQ.
-Also see http://faq.perl6.org/
+Also see https://faq.perl6.org/
There are several mailing lists, IRC channels, and wikis available with help
for Perl 6 and Rakudo.
@@ -190,11 +189,11 @@ implementing or developing the Perl 6 language itself.
Questions about the Rakudo compiler can go to perl6-compiler@perl.org.
-The http://perl6.org/ website contains a great many links to resources for Perl
+The https://perl6.org/ website contains a great many links to resources for Perl
6 development, and is generally the starting point for information about Perl
-Rakudo's official web site is http://rakudo.org/, where you can
+Rakudo's official web site is https://rakudo.org/, where you can
find useful information for developers and users alike.