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+# Announce: Rakudo Star Release 2018.10
+## A useful and usable production distribution of Rakudo Perl 6
+On behalf of the Rakudo and Perl 6 development teams, I'm pleased to announce
+the October 2018 release of "Rakudo Star", a useful and usable production
+distribution of Rakudo Perl 6. The tarball for this release is available from
+Binaries for macOS and Windows (64 bit) are also available at the same
+This is a post-Christmas (production) release of Rakudo Star and implements
+Perl v6.c. It comes with support for the MoarVM backend (all module tests pass
+on supported platforms). Currently, Star is on a quarterly release cycle.
+Please note that this release of Rakudo Star is not fully functional with the
+JVM backend from the Rakudo compiler. Please use the MoarVM backend only.
+In the Perl 6 world, we make a distinction between the language ("Perl 6") and
+specific implementations of the language such as "Rakudo Perl 6".
+This Star release includes [release 2018.10] of the [Rakudo Perl 6 compiler],
+version 2018.10 [MoarVM], plus various modules, documentation, and other
+resources collected from the Perl 6 community.
+[release 2018.10]: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rakudo/rakudo/2018.10/docs/announce/2018.10.md
+[Rakudo Perl 6 compiler]: http://github.com/rakudo/rakudo
+[MoarVM]: http://moarvm.org/
+The Rakudo compiler changes since the last Rakudo Star release are now listed
+in "2018.08.md" and 2018.09.md" under the "rakudo/docs/announce" directory of
+the source distribution.
+Important Rakudo bug fixes are now listed at <https://alerts.perl6.org/>
+Also see Rakudo Star errata at <https://perl6.org/downloads/>
+ * LWP::Simple is deprecated and will be removed. Please use "HTTP::UserAgent".
+ * panda-sub which pointed user to zef now removed.
+Notable changes in modules shipped with Rakudo Star:
+ * openssl: Bump version 0.1.21.
+ * tap-harness6: Bump version to 0.0.4 for coloring
+ * zef: version 0.5.3
+There are some key features of Perl 6 that Rakudo Star does not yet
+handle appropriately, although they will appear in upcoming releases.
+Some of the not-quite-there features include:
+ * advanced macros
+ * some bits of Synopsis 9 and 11
+There is an online resource at <http://perl6.org/compilers/features>
+that lists the known implemented and missing features of Rakudo's
+backends and other Perl 6 implementations.
+In many places we've tried to make Rakudo smart enough to inform the
+programmer that a given feature isn't implemented, but there are many
+that we've missed. Bug reports about missing and broken features are
+welcomed at <rakudobug@perl.org>.
+See <https://perl6.org/> for links to much more information about
+Perl 6, including documentation, example code, tutorials, presentations,
+reference materials, design documents, and other supporting resources.
+Some Perl 6 tutorials are available under the "docs" directory in
+the release tarball.
+The development team thanks all of the contributors and sponsors for
+making Rakudo Star possible. If you would like to contribute, see
+<http://rakudo.org/how-to-help>, ask on the <perl6-compiler@perl.org>
+mailing list, or join us on IRC \#perl6 on freenode.