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Update release guide to deal with Perl6::MIME::Base642013.12
There's no easy way to modify the existing submodule command to skip Perl6::MIME::Base64, in a cross-platform way. So instead presented here is a way to fix Perl6::MIME::Base64 getting a merge commit. The sooner we don't need this addition to the Release Guide, the better.
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diff --git a/tools/star/release-guide.pod b/tools/star/release-guide.pod
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--- a/tools/star/release-guide.pod
+++ b/tools/star/release-guide.pod
@@ -91,6 +91,18 @@ for the Star release. To bring all modules up to the current
# pull master in each submodule dir
$ git submodule foreach git pull origin master
+B<ATTENTION!> Currently, the Perl6::MIME::Base64 repo needs to be kept at a
+specific commit, due to breakage on Rakudo's part. The above command will have
+incorrectly merged commits. To fix this, run these commands from the top of the
+star repo:
+ $ rm -r modules/Perl6-MIME-Base64
+ $ git submodule init
+ $ git submodule update
+Then you may commit your update of the submodules:
# commit submodules state to star repo
$ git commit modules