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### Code Contributions
Code patches can be sent through email. For help getting started with
-contributing in this fashion, check out https://git-send-email.io/.
+contributing in this fashion, check out
The `rstar` utility is written in `bash`. All additional features should be
based on this. Using other utilities is accepted, but effort should be made to
@@ -130,8 +131,8 @@ to solve go a long way.
### Repositories
-The main git repository lives at https://git.tyil.nl/rakudo-star. This should
-be used as the reference to clone from.
+The main git repository lives at [git.tyil.nl](https://git.tyil.nl/rakudo-star).
+This should be used as the reference to clone from.
Additionally, there are mirrors of this repository at other places. You _can_
make use of these mirrors and the services they offer (such as issue tracking