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@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ Patches for this project can be sent through email to
To report bugs or provide other feedback, email is an option, but IRC and
[Matrix](https://matrix.org/) are also available. For IRC, reach out to `tyil`
on [Freenode](https://freenode.net/) or [DareNET](https://www.darenet.org/).
-For Matrix, sent a message to `tyil:matrix.org`.
+For Matrix, send a message to `tyil:matrix.org`.
### Bugs
@@ -128,6 +128,18 @@ Also, try to be generous with comments. Especially when introducing new utility
functions, a little description of what it does and what problem it is intended
to solve go a long way.
+### Repositories
+The main git repository lives at https://home.tyil.nl/git. This should be used
+as the reference to clone from.
+Additionally, there are mirrors of this repository at other places. You _can_
+make use of these mirrors and the services they offer (such as issue tracking
+or web-based "merge requests"), but they are in no way guaranteed to be taken
+into account.
+- http://gitlab.com/tyil/rakudo-star
## License
The software in this repository is distributed under the terms of the Artistic