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@@ -58,14 +58,8 @@ to your PATH environment variable.
The "--gen-parrot" option above tells Configure.pl to automatically
build and install the version of Parrot that is distributed with
Rakudo Star. The "--prefix=" option can be provided to Configure.pl
-to change the location of the install directory.
-If your system already has an installed Parrot, Configure.pl will
-look for "parrot_config" in your execution PATH, or the location
-of parrot_config can be explicitly provided to Configure.pl via
-the "--parrot_config" option:
- $ perl Configure.pl --parrot-config=/path/to/bin/parrot_config
+to change the location of the install directory. Note that Rakudo based
+on Parrot can only be installed to the same prefix as Parrot.
If the Rakudo compiler is invoked without an explicit script to
run, it enters a small interactive mode that allows PerlĀ 6 statements