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remove note about MIME::Base64, add one about LWP::Simple
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@@ -92,13 +92,15 @@ for the Star release. To bring all modules up to the current
# pull master in each submodule dir
$ git submodule foreach git pull origin master
-B<ATTENTION!> Currently, the Perl6::MIME::Base64 repo needs to be kept at a
-specific commit, due to breakage on Rakudo's part. The above command will have
-incorrectly merged commits. To fix this, run these commands from the top of the
-star repo:
- $ cd modules/Perl6-MIME-Base64
- $ git checkout 76fd9decc7c1445390b0ab5a1296e9d244f8e1fd
+B<ATTENTION!> Currently, the perl6-lwp-simple repo needs to be kept at a
+specific fork/branch, due to changes of a wiki page that get fetched in tests.
+See: https://github.com/cosimo/perl6-lwp-simple/pull/28
+To fix this, run these commands from the top of the star repo:
+ $ cd modules/perl6-lwp-simple
+ $ git remote add froggs git@github.com:FROGGS/perl6-lwp-simple.git
+ $ git checkout -b patch-5
+ $ git pull froggs patch-5
$ cd -
Then you may commit your update of the submodules: