AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-12Use the superiour form of indentationHEADmasterPatrick Spek
2022-04-12Run zef build for modules that have a Build.pm6Donald Hunter
2022-04-12Add locale setting for macOS in install scriptDonald Hunter
2022-04-09Update some URLs to render better on SourcehutPatrick Spek
2022-04-08Update READMEPatrick Spek
2022-04-08Also clean up symlinksPatrick Spek
2022-04-08Significantly reduce the modules shipped by defaultPatrick Spek
2022-04-08Bump corePatrick Spek
2021-10-03Add new dependency for JSON modulesPatrick Spek
2021-10-03Bump zef to 0.12.0Patrick Spek
2021-10-03Update core to 2021.9Patrick Spek
2021-08-21Bump core parts to 2021.08Patrick Spek
2021-08-20Bump zefPatrick Spek
2021-08-20Use a better licensePatrick Spek
2021-07-20Remove sourcehut builds for nowPatrick Spek
2021-07-20Bump zefPatrick Spek
2021-07-20Bump core partsPatrick Spek
2021-05-03Add a FUNDING filePatrick Spek
2021-04-24Bump core parts to 2021.4Patrick Spek
2021-04-21Bump zef to v0.11.7Patrick Spek
2021-04-06Add support for Linux MintPatrick Spek
2021-04-02Update branch name for Template::MustachePatrick Spek
2021-04-01First draft for DragonflyBSD supportPatrick Spek
2021-03-21Bump core projects to 2021.03Patrick Spek
2021-03-19Bump zef to 0.11.5Patrick Spek
2021-03-09Use sftp for uploadsPatrick Spek
2021-03-09Update secret keysPatrick Spek
2021-03-09Include sysinfo and set RSTAR_DEBUGPatrick Spek
2021-03-09Update destination of Sourcehut buildsPatrick Spek
2021-03-04Use gmake for nqp and rakudo if its availablePatrick Spek
2021-03-01Update rakudo to 2021.02.1Patrick Spek
2021-02-21Update core parts to 2021.02Patrick Spek
2021-02-01Bump zef to v0.11.4Patrick Spek
2021-01-25Update Zef to 0.11.2Patrick Spek
2021-01-24Update Zef to 0.11.0Patrick Spek
2021-01-10Update issue templatesPatrick Spek
2021-01-07Fetch Config over httpPatrick Spek
2021-01-07Create RSTAR_PREFIX dir earlierPatrick Spek
2021-01-07Update URL of my own modulesPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Bump Config to v3.0.3Patrick Spek
2021-01-06Bump Hash::Merge to v2.0.0Patrick Spek
2021-01-06Try another name variable for the uploaded assetPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Include sysinfo in GitHub actionPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Add edge-case for Archlinux' LC_ALLPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Update binary package actionPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Set RSTAR_DEBUG in GitHub buildsPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Only use logfile if RSTAR_DEBUG isn't setPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Use notices for a couple more messagesPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Assign id value to release info stepPatrick Spek
2021-01-06Make regular releases not count as draftsPatrick Spek