AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-27Update announce2019.03Naoum Hankache
2019-03-27Update ModulesNaoum Hankache
2019-03-23Update Rakudo version to 2019.03.1Naoum Hankache
2019-03-23Add new dll dependency for WindowsNaoum Hankache
2019-03-17Update release-guide.podNaoum Hankache
2019-03-10Merge pull request #134 from hankache/masterNaoum Hankache
2019-03-10Update perl6intro.pdfNaoum Hankache
2019-03-10Update MANIFEST.excludeNaoum Hankache
2019-03-09Update READMENaoum Hankache
2019-03-09Add Test::Output and uncomment LWP::SimpleNaoum Hankache
2019-03-09Update README and Makefile.inNaoum Hankache
2019-03-09update submodulesNaoum Hankache
2019-03-09Added License-SPDX moduleNaoum Hankache
2019-03-092019.03 AnnounceNaoum Hankache
2019-03-09Update modules for 2019.03Naoum Hankache
2019-03-03Merge branch 'app-prove'Mike Clarke
2019-03-03Update TAP::Harness and add App::Prove6Mike Clarke
2019-02-17Merge pull request #126 from clarkema/macos-buildMike Clarke
2019-02-17Use git:// URLs for all submodulesMike Clarke
2019-01-06Merge pull request #130 from hankache/masterNaoum Hankache
2019-01-06Update sha256sum instructionsNaoum Hankache
2018-12-01Merge pull request #128 from hankache/masterNaoum Hankache
2018-12-01Sanitize Pod DocsNaoum Hankache
2018-11-29Support building with either GNU or BSD tarMike Clarke
2018-11-29Add Swift helper to set custom file iconsMike Clarke
2018-11-28Fix DMG creation on newer versions of macOSMike Clarke
2018-11-11claim credit and pass buckSteve Mynott
2018-11-11tweak announce2018.10Steve Mynott
2018-11-11add one reference to Raku as a perl 6 aliasSteve Mynott
2018-11-11LWP::Simple now also uses https in its testsSteve Mynott
2018-11-11remove some perl 6 references leaving a fewSteve Mynott
2018-11-11AlexDaniel++ 6pad linkSteve Mynott
2018-11-11mention JS backend and 6padSteve Mynott
2018-11-11new version of perl6intro.pdfSteve Mynott
2018-11-11import draft announceSteve Mynott
2018-11-11remove window's panda.batSteve Mynott
2018-11-11remove panda-stub #118Steve Mynott
2018-11-11remove dead patchesSteve Mynott
2018-11-11bump modulesSteve Mynott
2018-11-11bump versionsSteve Mynott
2018-08-18Merge pull request #119 from TisonKun/patch-1Steve Mynott
2018-08-19Bump release version陈梓立
2018-08-12apply rakudo patch c3e1ec0 to fix Windows module paths2018.06.1Steve Mynott
2018-08-07doc manual steps needed in rakudo.org repoSteve Mynott
2018-08-06zef not pandaSteve Mynott
2018-08-06release historySteve Mynott
2018-08-06apply MoarVM patch abf7d0c2 to fix compile on OpenBSD2018.06Steve Mynott
2018-08-06ronaldxs++ test fixSteve Mynott
2018-08-06version 1.1.45 with test fixSteve Mynott
2018-07-30unattempt windows fixSteve Mynott