AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-19Add LICENSE file2020.02-rc1Patrick Spek
2020-04-10Bump core versionsPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Add BINDEPS to build-dockerPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Use find to clean the bin dirPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Add Fedora as Docker targetPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Recommend dnf instead of yum for FedoraPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Silence a cd errorPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Include libc-dev for testing NativeHelpers::BlobPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Update README with git mirrorsPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Include make for testing LibraryMakePatrick Spek
2020-04-10Include NativeCall::TypeDiag community module for testing DBIishPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Include gcc for testing NativeHelpers::BlobPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Include OpenSSL dev libraries for testing OpenSSL and IO::Socket::SSLPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Include Perl6::TypeGraph community modulePatrick Spek
2020-04-09Add a GitLab CI specificationPatrick Spek
2020-04-09Properly ignore -l's effects when -T is givenPatrick Spek
2020-04-08Include term in sysinfoPatrick Spek
2020-04-08Rewrite the build-docker actionPatrick Spek
2020-04-08Add build-docker actionJosé Joaquín Atria
2020-04-04Add install support for FedoraPatrick Spek
2020-04-04Add install support for ArchlinuxPatrick Spek
2020-04-04Add install support for CentOSPatrick Spek
2020-04-04Add install support for VoidlinuxPatrick Spek
2020-04-01Add install support for AlpinePatrick Spek
2020-04-01Show testing duration when finishedPatrick Spek
2020-04-01Add install support for DebianPatrick Spek
2020-04-01Apply additional cleaning to system infoPatrick Spek
2020-04-01Don't attempt to show perl manager if none is definedPatrick Spek
2020-04-01Fix up shebang in the install actionPatrick Spek
2020-04-01Don't use relocatable builds on OpenBSDPatrick Spek
2020-04-01Update sysinfo to only use POSIX specified uname infoPatrick Spek
2020-03-29Add bindeps entry for FreeBSDPatrick Spek
2020-03-29Use the already available epoch if no epoch.txt existsPatrick Spek
2020-03-29Make git part of the maintainer's guidePatrick Spek
2020-03-29Consolidate fetch data in fetch_core.txtPatrick Spek
2020-03-29Add LC_ALL and SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to install actionPatrick Spek
2020-03-29Make reproducible tarballs with distPatrick Spek
2020-03-28Make dist less error-pronePatrick Spek
2020-03-28Bring clean up to date with the rest of the repoPatrick Spek
2020-03-28Update usage textPatrick Spek
2020-03-28Update the module test methodPatrick Spek
2020-03-28Implement test actionPatrick Spek
2020-03-28Split up install processPatrick Spek
2020-03-28Please shellcheckPatrick Spek
2020-03-28Show commands to install deps on supported systemsPatrick Spek
2020-03-26Move dist files aroundPatrick Spek
2020-03-25Update usage textPatrick Spek
2020-03-25Drop tmpfile's getopts codePatrick Spek
2020-03-25Update READMEPatrick Spek
2020-03-23Keep list of terminals where color support is known to workPatrick Spek