AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-02Update Readline module to use fooist's sources2020.08.2-rc2Patrick Spek
2020-08-27Bump Rakudo version to 2020.08.22020.08.2-rc1Patrick Spek
2020-08-26Bump core versions for 2020.08 release2020.08.1-rc1Patrick Spek
2020-07-29Add warning for OpenBSD users without a classPatrick Spek
2020-07-28Use .yml extension for OpenBSD build manifestPatrick Spek
2020-07-28First attempt at better OpenBSD supportPatrick Spek
2020-07-28Fix up OpenBSD build manifestPatrick Spek
2020-07-28Add NativeLibs module for DBIishPatrick Spek
2020-07-28Add Sourcehut build script for binary OpenBSD buildsPatrick Spek
2020-07-27Remove --strip-components from tar during fetchPatrick Spek
2020-07-22Bump core versions to 2020.07Patrick Spek
2020-07-16Add missing IO::Glob dependency for ConfigPatrick Spek
2020-07-16Add a basic logging modulePatrick Spek
2020-07-16Update Config and include some parsersPatrick Spek
2020-07-16Add vim modeline for textwidthPatrick Spek
2020-06-30Discover system arch in a subshellPatrick Spek
2020-06-30Bump Perl6::TypeGraphPatrick Spek
2020-06-22Bump core versions to 2020.06Patrick Spek
2020-06-16Bump zef versionPatrick Spek
2020-06-05Add build manifest for binary FreeBSD buildsPatrick Spek
2020-06-05Rename x86_64 to amd64 in binary buildsPatrick Spek
2020-06-04Fix minute display in pp_durationPatrick Spek
2020-06-04Add builds.sr.ht instructions to build amd64 binariesPatrick Spek
2020-05-12Fix shellcheck warnings2020.05Patrick Spek
2020-05-11Update NativeCall-TypeDiag to use similar naming as the rest of the modulesPatrick Spek
2020-05-11Bump community modulesPatrick Spek
2020-05-11Update fetch action to support commit hashesPatrick Spek
2020-05-10Bump Rakudo version to 2020.05.1Patrick Spek
2020-05-10Bump core component versionsPatrick Spek
2020-05-10Update list of repository mirrors in READMEPatrick Spek
2020-04-19Add LICENSE file2020.02-rc1Patrick Spek
2020-04-10Bump core versionsPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Add BINDEPS to build-dockerPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Use find to clean the bin dirPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Add Fedora as Docker targetPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Recommend dnf instead of yum for FedoraPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Silence a cd errorPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Include libc-dev for testing NativeHelpers::BlobPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Update README with git mirrorsPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Include make for testing LibraryMakePatrick Spek
2020-04-10Include NativeCall::TypeDiag community module for testing DBIishPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Include gcc for testing NativeHelpers::BlobPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Include OpenSSL dev libraries for testing OpenSSL and IO::Socket::SSLPatrick Spek
2020-04-10Include Perl6::TypeGraph community modulePatrick Spek
2020-04-09Add a GitLab CI specificationPatrick Spek
2020-04-09Properly ignore -l's effects when -T is givenPatrick Spek
2020-04-08Include term in sysinfoPatrick Spek
2020-04-08Rewrite the build-docker actionPatrick Spek
2020-04-08Add build-docker actionJosé Joaquín Atria
2020-04-04Add install support for FedoraPatrick Spek